Bongo Xpress’s parcel delivery solution is nicely curated for any size of e/f-commerce businesses. We understand you might get large volume orders of different kinds of products from one particular zone and maybe the products go from different warehouses; in the same way the scenario is like- multiple products from different warehouses to single destination or the opposite. Whatever your volume and need is we got your back! 

If you send multiple same-day parcels a day you could benefit from our multi-drop delivery option. 

Rather than 10 pilots (delivery man) picking up 10 packages, a single pilot picks up all the packages in one go at an allotted time and we work out the most efficient route for him/her to deliver all 10. Which makes it a cheaper and more eco-friendly option than sending lots of single deliveries. And because our backend is smart, our multi-drops are still fully trackable and customisable. 

We have introduced multi-pickups & drops because you are doing large volumes of deliveries per day and we have figured there had to be a better, more efficient way to do this than single pickups/drops. So we crunched the numbers, retooled the backend and multi-pickups/drops were developed.

Since you’re new to multi-pickups/drops here’s what they are and how to use them.

Multi-drops let you book a task to go to one or more pick-up points to gather lots of packages to be dropped at multiple delivery points – hence ‘multi-drops’. Multi-pickups are basically this in reverse. So, when a courier collects parcels from multiple pick-up locations to be dropped at one or more delivery points. 

Multi-pickups/drops are best suited for businesses with high volumes or regular packages to send. The parcels are all carried in the one vehicle with maximum care, so multi-pickups/drops are a particularly good choice for fragile or delicate contents e.g. food subscription boxes, media kits, and PR boxes.

Booking a multi-pickups/drops task saves you time and can drop your costs by up money than booking each job separately. You’re able to track all parcels under a single route, giving you total control and peace of mind. And, it’s much better for the environment as our pilots are covering fewer miles on routes mapped out by our tech.

For extra savings, book separate multi-drops for different directions e.g. all drops south of the warehouse and all drops north. Might take a bit longer to sort but the savings will be worth it and we can help you to book them.

Our tech optimises the most efficient single route to drop off every parcel with minimum mileage. you’re able to choose your preferred vehicle type at the time of booking by matching the parcel dimensions with the vehicle load. The ambition is to provide individual booking slots so your customers can choose exactly when they want to receive their parcel.

With our extensive range of vehicles including motorcycles, trucks, and pickup vans, we make it at your own choice: fast, safe, and secured delivery of the parcel. Optimize deliveries and make them hassle-free & smoother as possible with Bongo Xpress.