“Relentless curiosity, imagination and never settling for anything but the best is the key to building great technology products for the future.”- Syltrips family is inspired by this value. The history of innovation is quite interesting and not so easy-going likewise we are doing in the contemporary age. The writings of 300 to 500 years ahead will recall the present-day era as that of technology renaissance.

With the advancement of technology, the drudgery and greed introduced in human life through the industrialized economy can be replaced with leisure, celebration, abundance and joy. Great technologies have the properties of a black hole and magnetically pull everything in. They lead to reduction in space and time effort of getting things done. In short, todays’ technology is coming out to bolster the hassle-free life of mass people.

Being a developing nation, we are still way far from technological innovation. Hence, we in this century innovation is also happening here in Bangladesh. We feel privileged, this era we are working to bring automation in the logistics industry. To keep pace with the rapid growing e-commerce and borderless businesses, it is high time to envision a better-connected world through automation logistics.

Consequently, we bring “Bongo Xpress” to streamline the logistics, distribution and supply chain in Bangladesh. The product is built of deep empathy and curiosity about the user’s universe. We are observing the remorse of the stakeholders in this industry very closely over the years. From our recent research, we have found out two big underprivileged parties working under the same umbrella who need more attention and development to elevate the process. Bongo Xpress enables businesses to have dedicated logistics support and simultaneously enables truck pilots having better lives and standard income.  Our product has come out in the following attributes:

        Relentless Curiosity:

With our insatiable desire to know everything about the product and the universe of the users, we have closely studied the lifecycle of logistics, vehicle owners and their pilots. We are intensely curious about our product which we believe will serve the human interest as a whole to improve its own features.  


Our product is far ahead of time in terms of needs and use. Building the future needs one to take leaps of imagination. Bongo Xpress has been evolving the use of technology to have logistics support for B2B purposes. Broadly, we imagine the fastest and smoothest logistics which will facilitate a better life for the pilots.

        Deep Empathy and intuition:

It wasn’t easy to think something out of box in the mediocre technological wave in Bangladesh. We haven’t enough data in the first phase to analyze it’s final outcome. Hence, we are still conducting several trials and tests to get data and improve the product for ease of the users. Our continuous experiments, deep empathy and intuition can provide the framework which might be very exciting to our users.

        Let perfect be the enemy of good:

We do not settle for average or mediocre products because we believe great products appeal to the soul more than the senses. We are striving to build outstanding products and bring the technology by rigorously refining to meet our standards of excellence which might be the benchmark for others in this industry.

Syltrips is trying to learn the lesson from the history of technology and bring the finest solution to reimagine the whole ecosystem in our country.