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Bongo Xpress is a trusted partner for helping small and medium sized e-commerce and f-commerce businesses  grow their footprints economically at a pace that matches their exact business needs.  Over the years we have observed and understood the behavior of online shoppers; all your customers want is fast delivery, hassle-free returns and flexible payment options. Whereas, there is a critical gap between online shoppers and e/f-commerce businesses due to untapping lackings in logistics support by the existing providers.  We are working hard to provide you with affordable and seamless e/f-commerce 2PL logistics solutions from your warehouse to customers. 

Being powered by lacs of local pilots and with 100% app driven fleet we ensure and optimize on-demand delivery solutions with complete visibility and real-time updates.  Our e-commerce delivery network can dynamically flex up or down to mirror the spikes and lulls in your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fulfilling E-commerce and Beyond!

E-commerce has evolved in Bangladesh as a by-product of the digital revolution. Bangladeshi consumers, backed by increasing disposable income and improved access to technology, are rapidly adapting to online shopping. The industry is set to grow exponentially from its current estimated size of USD 70.87 million to USD 344 million by the year 2023 while the number of orders in a year is also projected to increase from 9.6 million to around 34 million. However, absence of an e-commerce centric logistics system is a vital factor in the industry and we are glad to fulfill the e-commerce sector with Bongo Xpress’s logitics solutions dedicated to this sector. 

At present, 500 e-commerce and 2,000 f-commerce (i.e. companies that operate through Facebook pages only) companies are registered under E-CAB and each one of these does not have the capability to run its own fleet. As a result, they have adapted to different delivery models to fit their needs based on capital expenditure requirement, control, flexibility etc. On the other hand, traditional logistics companies have the combination of expertise, experience, and vision, but lack in tech-enabled services such as tracking of order, automated fulfilling and return management etc. Bongo Xpress provides e-commerce centric logistics having technology incorporated services better suited for online retailers with expertise in delivery pilot pool management for the seamless last mile delivery; and simultaneously we are raising capital to start 3PL and warehousing with fulfillment services. We are already successfully serving different industries such as food/restaurant, groceries/commodity goods, medicine/pharmaceuticals, apparels & garments, electronics and many more   with our smart logistics solutions.

“Deploying technology in delivery is not enough for e/f-commerce businesses, Bongo Xpress does more! We are fulfilling them by disbursing COD amount instantly during pickup or on advance basis.”

How It Works?

Here we have come up with a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to business’s particular needs to bolster your growth and quality branding partnering with us. We provide tech-enabled 100% app-based smart delivery support. We are aiming to streamline your business with a seamless and dedicated 2PL delivery assistance- picking goods/products from your place to dropping them to customers’ doorsteps.

With our easy API integration with your ordering portals, your customers make orders on your site/application and we take care of the rest till delivering the products to your customers’ door steps. You can make it manually when your order volume is quite low; you can use our partner app and create as many delivery tasks you need to reach your customers. Since our solutions are tailor-made for your business needs, if you prefer geofencing business you can tell us;hence you have options to create a single task with multiple pickups and multiple destination points in the same zone and you track throughout the way. With our sophisticated technology, we create e-way bills to avoid any hassles arise for VAT or Tax for your business. As per our policy we believe in timely COD disbursement which makes a business regular and financially sound for roll-on. Eventually, all we want is the flourishment of e-commerce in Bangladesh.

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Yes, you can book vehicles for parcel delivery services as many as you need for different destinations. 

Bongo Xpress shall not be liable for any conduct of the pilots. However, we encourage you to notify it of any complaints that you may have against the pilot that you may have hired using our platform.

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