Intelligent Supply Chain Visibility Software

A future-ready platform that automates supply chain decisions. Add intelligence to your operations and make the right decisions to delight your customers.

Challenges of Real-world Supply Chain & Logistics Operations

Increasing Customer Expectations

Underutilization of resources, suboptimal plans, unmet delivery SLAs, and high cost of inefficiencies, among other supply chain pain issues, can all be caused by a lack of agile and real-time decision-making. The result- dissatisfied customers.

The Looking possibility of Unforeseen Events

Unexpected events are very common, but many incidents have ripple effects throughout supply chains and highlight the importance of granular visibility and network design. Brands must have intelligent software to respond to such incidents.

Dependence on Siloed System

Manual supply chain management is no longer a feasible option. Technology solutions for various sections of the supply chain are now widely available though used in silos. Multiple systems not inclined together creates strategy paralysis.

Gain Visibility & Optimize Performance

Proactive supply chain decision-making is the need of the hour. Bongo Xpress’ research-led innovation will enable users to take data-backed decisions at crunch moments instead of depending on hunches or opinions. Our AI-powered models are grounded in reality and learn from every action to provide the best potential results in each supply chain scenario. We’re creating a new logistics operating system!

Core Capabilities of Our Solution

Automate factory & warehouse

Future automation includes smart dispatching, automated delivery and effortless transport across the distribution.

Optimize Fulfillment

Milestones, statuses, and alerts enable proactive, in-app corrections for consistent fulfillment.

Seamless Integrations

Our solution is built on 100 of APIs & can be integrated with various third-party systems.

Strategic Partners

Measure performance with KPI analytics across supplier, carriers, partners, and customers.

Value Reporting

Enables planners and leaders to track how much the application helps them save costs and deliver on time.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

End to end visibility makes it easier to expand your value offer and provide more service and delivery options.


SAVINGS in logistics costs

17 M+ KGs

REDUCTIONS in GHG emissions

70 M+ KMs

REDUCTIONS in distance traveled

Seamless Integration with ERP

Supply chain visibility software connects your existing systems — TMS, ERP, WMS, and ELD/telematics devices— to break down data silos and enables those systems to work smarter with actionable insights. It provides transparency and collaboration opportunities throughout your supply chain ecosystem.

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