Distribution Visibility Solution

We assist you plan daily deliveries more efficiently and in minutes, letting your distribution business minimize logistics costs and maximize fleet productivity.


Reduced Daily planning and dispatching time


Saved Logistics Operation Cost and Time


Improved Vehicle Fill Rate (VFR)

Logistics Solution for Distribution Optimization

Automate your distribution system with the intelligent delivery management solution of Bongo Xpress. Based on actual order volume, our system automatically plans routes and allocates delivery orders to the fleet. Letting your distribution partners inline with the delivery schedule and real time tracking with multi-functional communication systems throughout the journey.

Distribution Logistics Simplified with Us

Digital solutions have enhanced the visibility of logistics operations, a rare attribute until a few years ago. From choosing the preferred transportation vendors for shipment delivery to tracking the drivers location and expected time of arrival (ETA) in real time, or sharing feedback about delivery experience via mobile devices, you can leverage these solutions to create a more personalized user experience for distribution partners.

Core Capabilities For Distributors
Order Optimization
Best Utilization of Vehicles
Real-time Communication
Intelligent tracking system
Smart Notifications & Alert
Distributors Feedback
Agility in Transportation Plans

Plan your routes with multimodal transportation optimization (trucks, motorbikes, pickup vans, cold chain lines, watercraft combinations) automatically. Our latest algorithm assigns delivery points in small alleys to different types of fleet, making sure that the route plan is the most optimized in distance, costs, and time.

Remove Paper Trails for Proof of Delivery

We help transport vendors increase productivity by replacing traditional paper filing with a Mobile Application. The use of different Proof of Delivery methods like Photo capture, Digital Signature, OTP SMS ensures fleets compliance to the plan, while managers can keep up with the real-time delivery progress.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Bongo Xpress is another name of “The New Logistics Revolution in Bangladesh”, brought AI and Cloud-based Logistics Solution that helps companies save logistics costs, automate manual processes, and enable end-to-end supply chain visibility.


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