Digitize Your Logistics Operations

Stay ahead of your competition with shorter delivery times and greater customer satisfaction


Fuel Savings in Transit


Reduced Dispatching Time


Fleet Utilization rate

Automation in Logistics is Inevitable

Logistics is inherently a complex operation and if you maintain these large pools of fleet manually, the cost of distribution and supply chain increases which is directly related to the increase in the retail price of your products.  Smooth logistics operations reduce costs, reduce manpower, reduce the job load of the sales team which stimulates you to reduce the cost of your product; eventually, it will serve as a weapon to beat your competitors in the market with competitive pricing.

Scale Up and Optimize Your Logistics Operations

Automate Logistics

The software for logistics gives a chance to automate and allocate the logistic delivery to the nearest available fleet. The system ensures team integration for both internal and external and also provides end-to-end operational visibility.

Proof of Delivery

Our intelligent software allows you to track your fleet in real time and get the time, photo, signature etc. as the proof of delivery.

Route Optimization

Logistics optimization software offers to pick the shortest & fastest route available with dynamic change control which brings efficiency to save your fuel cost and time.

Easy Integration

Intelligent delivery management software includes an open API for seamless integration with ERP, SAP or any kind of sophisticated software you use currently. We have tools to integrate the software even without API integration.


Mark your territory using RFID or GPS, and enable to trigger a set response from that marked geography. Locating your operations is just a matter of finger tip.

Smart Analytics

Keep track of your business transactions, see which are the high/low trading areas and allocate resources intelligently with Smart Analytics.

Scale Up and Optimize Your Logistics Operations - Bongo Xpress
Smart Technology for Smart Logistics Team

  • Central monitoring of logistics operations

  • Smart delivery scheduling

  • Assigning team & fleet

  • Monitor 3PL vendors

  • Auto delivery dispatch

  • Route optimization & navigation

  • Task alerts & reminders

  • Driver’s earnings

  • Bird-eye business view

  • Driver GPS tracking & task status

  • Driver performance management

  • Manage ratings & reviews

Reverse Logistics Made Easier with us

Lower operational costs

Automation for returns, return and ship, and advanced replacement order flows, as well as automated costing analysis, including all services in the order flow.

Reduce transportation costs

Optimized transportation and shipping options based on product, origin, destination, and customer requirements.

Improve network collaboration & asset utilization

Real-time visibility and control over inventory and outsourced depot activities, including inspection, repair, and disposal.

Superior customer service & satisfaction

Streamlined and automated to provide the optimal reverse logistics process that consistently meets your customers' needs.

Improve Customer Experience & Last-Mile Visibility

Improving customer service can help logistics providers build a powerful brand reputation, helping to attract more customers, increase sales, and maximize return on investment. Intelligent automation ensures end-to-end last-mile visibility and customers are provided with the most efficient service at the best price possible.

Transit Visibility & ETA

Customers receive SMS tracking link & in app tracking To keep track of the driver and the expected time of arrival.

Real Time Notifications

Customized real-time notifications to customers’ preferable sites through SMS, Email and Webhook.

Complaints Handling

In-app customer support system with intelligent chatbot and CRM tool for handling complaints.

Rating & Review

Enable customers to rate the services and to provide reviews on the drivers behaviour during unloading.

Digital Invoice

E-Way bill containing transit milestone, proof of loading and unloading and product details with invoice photo for the customers.

Communication Simplified

Allow customers to chat with their assigned agent from the app directly and avoid unexpected delays.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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