Making Return Management Smarter

Streamline returns processing, deepen operational efficiencies and reduce costs from returns with best-in-class reverse supply chain technology. Experience the better way to manage returns.

Smarter Returns, Better Business

Reverse logistics holds incredible, untapped potential for driving customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth. Bongo Xpress provides a comprehensive returns management system that enables companies to streamline return requests, logistics, inventory and processing, connecting every point in the return lifecycle, all through an intuitive and flexible solution. Connect every customer, channel and technology across your ecosystem to empower, enable and equip your business to optimize processes, maximize ROI, gain valuable insight and deliver a world-class customer experience with each and every return.

Unlock Competitive Advantage Through Better Returns

Enhance Customer Experience • Realize ROI • Supercharge Growth

Manage Complex Return Order Flows
Reverse Delivery Allocation

Allocate requests from CRM to Field-executives in real-time and schedule reverse pick-up time commitment.

RTO & RTM Delivery Management

Return-to-origin (RTO) and Return-to-merchant (RTM) support for every shipment in reverse flow, with real time reverse shipment tracking.

On Field Management

On field trip, proof of pickup & delivery collection and invoice creation from drivers mobile application; Mobile POS using Bluetooth based barcode reader and thermal printer.

Advanced Geofencing

World’s most accurate and diverse geo-coding engine with multiple map-data and geofencing for delivery partners and local hubs.

Route Planning & Optimization

Visually compare planned routes against the actual route followed on a map interface and easily identify the bottlenecks.

Advanced Dashboard

Fully configurable and customizable dashboards for individual stakeholders based on access levels to measure and analyze service levels in real-time.

Business Analytics

Insight across your returns management process helps you deliver better results.

Seamless Integrations

Bongo Xpress fully integrates with other supply chain solutions, ERP and ecommerce marketplace.

Returns That Delight
Self-Service Returns Initiation & Real-time Returns Tracking

Reduce support center costs and provide total visibility to customers

Convenient & Flexible Return Methods

Allow customers to choose flexible delivery time and place

Better Communication

Better processing visibility and quality controls with real-time communication

End-to-End Returns Processing That Creates Loyal Customers and Drives the Bottom Line

Improved Brand Equity


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction


Decreased Extra Resource Cost


Increased Order Volume


Easier return process


Increased Route Planning Accuracy

Best Fit Reverse Logistics Solution
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