Fleet & Driver Management Solution

Leveraging tracking tools for keeping your drivers moving with organized records and information on fuel cards, repairs and vehicle usage expenses.

Fleet & Driver Management Simplified

Fleet management should live in your pocket. Bongo Xpress’s web and mobile-based software allows you to automate fleet maintenance tasks and keep vehicles and drivers running smoothly from anywhere. It simplifies real-time fleet tracking and monitoring while promoting fleet operations at efficient capacities. Our data-analytic tools and reports help you cut expenses. Regardless of your business needs, Bongo Xpress is your quick fix.

Keep Your Fleet Up to Speed

Bongo Xpress’s solution works on your entire fleet first hand, tracking everything from GPS Tracking, Fuel Management, Driver Behaviour, Vehicle Management and a lot more.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real- time GPS Tracking, managing and eyeing multiple vehicles at once

Preventing Fuel Frauds

Equipped to calculate fuel consumption for a task, a journey and a driver

Vehicle Management

Keeps track of vehicle condition and status for prim and proper functioning

Driver Behaviour

Assesses speed limits, brakes usage, reckless driving, extra stops.

Fleet Manager Dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye view of fleet productivity and manage exceptions in real-time.

Increase visibility

Keep your team in the know. Full-screen mode makes it easy to display real-time dashboards on TVs in your office.

Get speedy insight

Build a robust dashboard in just a few minutes. Add charts and graphs and customize the layout to keep key performance metrics top of mind.

Share data securely

Create shared dashboards for key stakeholders across your organization— technicians, drivers, management, etc. Control access with fine-grained permissions.

Digitize Your Drivers

We know that your drivers keep your business moving.

Equip your drivers with the easiest & smarter native mobile app and let them complete field work smartly.  Monitor your drivers and keep their records organized so that your fleet is always ready for the next trip.

  • Task assignments & Auto fleet dispatch
  • Route optimization & Navigation
  • Task alerts & reminders throughout the fleet run
  • Fleet availability updates

Intelligent Route Optimization

Vehicle-Based Optimization

Cover van, Pickup, bikes or cars, map a route and optimize your fleet based on vehicle type taking into account its volume, speed & fuel efficiency.

Monitor and Manage Your Routes

Select and plan the routes that you would like to optimize and assign to drivers based on their availability and location by taking help of a route optimization software.

Multi-Stop Route Planner

Create a single task for single pickup and multiple drop-offs. Plan and optimize your routes for speedy drop-offs with the help of a delivery route planner app.

Smart Analytics & Reports

Time and distance based efficiency

Instantly get efficiency reports of your drivers on the dashboard based on Time and Distance.

Real time analytics

Increase driver efficiency and customer gratification by using real time reports of every task.

Rider rating and reviews

Monitor driver performance based on real customer reviews and be more transparent with end customer

Pricing and earning

Manage driver payouts efficiently with Driver Wallets.

Ready to improve your fleet & driver management?

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