E-commerce Logistics Solutions

Work with the best logistics platform and provide your customers with a new-age e-commerce experience with timely order deliveries.


Improved Perfect Order Rate


Capacity Utilization Rate


Reduced Cost to Serve

Deliver Flexibility To Customers At Scale - Bongo Xpress
Deliver Flexibility To Customers At Scale

As e-commerce competition intensifies, so does the customer experience benchmark. Customer experience is a must, but technology-driven, innovation-driven operations management is the key to delivering new services and gaining a competitive advantage. Bongo Xpress helps e-commerce marketplaces achieve maximum on-time deliveries with a high level of accuracy at estimated time of arrival. This not only takes the customer experience  to a new level, but also improves the operational efficiency of logistics.

We empower e-commerce marketplaces to allocate the right 3PL, empower customers with flexible scheduling, track and trace in real-time and achieve efficiency in routing, allocation and fleet performance.

Order Fulfillment with Intelligent Delivery management System

Online volumes, revenues and customer expectations have grown faster than most brands’ capacity to fulfill them.
Bongo Xpress’s end-to-end delivery and curbside solutions help you launch and scale fast, convenient local fulfillment models, with unified operations across all resources and locations.
Our platform connects order data from eCommerce orders, PMS, and OMS systems with your entire last mile ecosystem, then digitizes and optimizes your operations for end-to-end visibility and control. From increasing order capacity, to fast expansion of convenient fulfillment models with internal and third party fleets, global marketplace brands use the same solution to engineer profitable, competitive fulfillment options.

Order Fulfillment with Intelligent Delivery management System - Bongo Xpress
End-to-end Visibility in 3PL & 4PL Management

Take the guesswork out of the last minute fuss when choosing the right 3PL partner to complete customer orders in a timely and efficient manner. Leverage the platform’s data-driven carrier allocation capabilities and place carriers more accountable for service level agreements and performance benchmarks.

Core Capabilities for Ecommerce logistics

Intelligent order management & dispatch system

Native mobile apps & intelligent dashboard

Seamless integration of delivery system with marketplace

Thousands of pricing algorithms & online payment gateway integration

Real time multi-channel communication and Intelligent tracking link

Real-time business analytics with smart graphical reporting

End-to-end visibility for both first-mile and last-mile

Best resource utilization with auto-route optimization

Pre-built Connectors for Seamless Integration

On-boarding new vendors in a steady and a fast way is now feasible with Bongo Xpress`s pre-built connector ecosystem. This gives you a plethora of pre-constructed integrations with predominant IT structures inclusive of ERP, SAP, CRM, WMS, OMS and lets in seamless records interchange among shippers/delivery companies. The inventory, orders, customer data and shipping records are all synced between the key business systems. This gives a number of advantages inclusive of brief coins reconciliation, real-time updation of statistics and more.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Leveraging the experience of e-commerce customers with simple but sophisticated technology which helps the businesses to adopt digitization at its best with automation in distribution as well.

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