Transportation Management Solution

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Fleet Efficiency


Service Optimization


Operational Control

Keeping up with customers: An ongoing challenge for transportation

It’s a time of massive change for the transportation industry, from digital transformation to new market disruptors and evolving customer expectations. Staying agile and competitive is an ongoing challenge, not just in response to the recent global pandemic, but every single day.

Limited resources can clog your transport operations. And—let’s face it—your business is under a lot more pressure to control cost, manage more options & constraints, increase visibility and handle ever more complex customer needs.

Launch the full potential of your operations with our transportation management software! It’s a total power move.


Increased No. Deliveries


Increased Delivery Resource Optimization


Increased Route Planning Accuracy


Decreased Delayed Deliveries


Decreased Extra Resource Cost


Decreased Fuel Consumption

Transportation management system that powers your growth

Optimize Transportation Plan

Save time creating transportation, delivery plans with AI. The embedded optimization engine considers real-world conditions on the route and recommends new routing options.

Maximize Vehicle Fill Rate

Increase productivity, reduce the number of vehicles needed for delivery. Automated processes ensure the best utilization of the fleet.

Manage Drivers

Equip your drivers with the best user-friendly app, monitor their behaviour & performance, and digitize their payment system.

Simplify Processes

Simplify transportation management and communication processes among the teams, drivers and customers for a specific shipment.

Export Logistics Reports

Save time compiling KPIs, costs, compensation reports. Get Intuitive and configurable workspaces for decision support.

Assign Task Automatically

Assign delivery tasks to the fleet using six different algorithms of auto allocation and serve your customers on a real-time demand basis.

Rating & Contract Management

Fast, intuitive and audit-quality accuracy for multiple rate options to support optimal shipment planning and billing scenarios.


Improve efficiency & accuracy on customer billing and invoice payments processing with better automation while accurately allocating costs and charges.

Technical Documentation on Vehicles
  • Capture and extract detailed information for digital processing and storage of all  documents required for the fleet and their individual components. 
  • Identify where shipments are in your fleet to spot instantly where vehicles are sitting idle, or shipments are assigned to the wrong vehicle or wrong location, and take action immediately to save fuel and crew costs.
Technical Documentation on Vehicles - Bongo Xpress
Automate Proof of Delivery (POD) Data
  • Capture detailed delivery information from invoice via mobile devices at the point of origination, collect OTP and digital signature of the loading and unloading. 
  • With real-time batch processing and reconciliation, you can meet tight SLAs across your entire delivery network.
Cold Chain Vehicle Solution

Automatically assign orders with temperature constraints to refrigerated vehicles. Keep track of accurate temperature levels.

Cold Chain Transportation Management Solutions - Bongo Xpress
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