Food & Grocery Delivery Solution

Manage deliveries, track drivers and ensure end-to-end last-mile visibility for your customers. 



Customer Fulfillment


Last-mile visibility


Service Level Efficiency

Take Control of Your Hyperlocal Delivery

We  understand the power of neighbouring restaurants or food  and grocery businesses lies in their ability to reach their customers within the best possible time; in other ways we name it as hyperlocal delivery service (2PL). We help you take control of your entire fulfillment ecosystem with industry-leading capabilities built on a single open, scalable platform.

On demand and scheduled delivery, internal fleets and third party delivery, automated dispatch and more at Bongo Xpress platform.

Order Fulfillment with Intelligent Delivery management System - Bongo Xpress
Core Capabilities for Food & Grocery Delivery

Get the technology to rapidly scale up and optimize your last mile operations for exceptional fulfillment speed, convenience, and cost.

Intelligent dispatch & routing

Smart delivery scheduling

Internal fleet & 3PL management

Real-time tracking system

Returns and reverse logistics

Digital proof of delivery

Branded customer experiences

Digital Wallet

Give Delivery Partners Their Preferred Service Areas

Every newly appointed delivery partner (3PL) gets the option to add their preferred region of delivery through geo-fencing. Admin can assign them to those selected areas or locations for food & grocery delivery services. This way you can ensure a faster delivery to the customers.

A Powerful App for Your Delivery Rider App

Bongo Xpress’ native mobile app empowers the delivery riders to deliver food and groceries at the right time and at the right place.

Driver Onboarding

Give your delivery staff the most powerful and user-friendly app with a simple onboarding.

Share Availability

Drivers can mark their availability as online / offline at any time in the app.

Instant Order Notification

Get delivery requests instantly on the driver’s app to manage delivery on-time.

Optimized Routes

Shortest & Optimized routes helps your driver to manage multiple deliveries.

Proof of Delivery

Let your rider capture digital signatures, notes and photos at delivery locations.

Daily Earning Report

Drivers can track their completed deliveries & daily earnings right from their app.

Seamless Payment

Pay your delivery staff via digital wallet and set an automated incentive plan for them.

Delivery Status

Riders can easily update their delivery status from ‘task accepted’ to ‘on the way’ & ‘delivered’.

Centralized Hub To Manage All Logistics Operations

Manage Everything at one place

Single dashboard to view and manage all your orders, drivers & deliveries.

Catalogue Management

Customize your payment mode & fields for passing order information to the riders.

Data Analytics

Monitor number of deliveries, canceled & delayed orders with detailed earning report.

Delivery Tracking

Assign delivery to your drivers as per their availability & track them in real-time.

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