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Visibility & Tracking Are Key To Successful FMCG AND Retail Logistics

Today’s fast consumption habits are shaping the FMCG & retail industry. Constantly changing market and competitive conditions, also, force companies to be dynamic. Competition is focused mainly on store shelves in this industry, which sets large resources aside for better understanding consumers, and for production, marketing, logistics and sales operations. Thus, we ensure that the right product reaches the right shelves at the right time through proper and ideal planning for the FMCG industry.

A strong logistics framework is the key differentiating factor to boost customer satisfaction and this encompasses having a robust last mile delivery setup and an optimized first-mile and mid-mile – warehouse/Depot-to-store leg. We help you deliver a superior customer experience with instant visibility and operational control over every leg & achieve timely delivery and fulfillment.

Supply Chain Agility With 4th Generation Technology

Bongo Xpress has brought you the latest technology of  intelligent delivery management systems to bring end-to-end supply chain visibility. The chain starts with intelligent order management while placing orders on your customer (sales) app, management approving the orders, warehouse/factory team dispatching them for the delivery, transportation team optimizing the routes, fleet getting assigned as per delivery schedules and bringing the products to customers. Our platform helps you monitor and control this order fulfillment cycle from first-mile to last-mile.

Feature Your Require for to Optimize Logistics
A Partnership Brings You with Competitive Advantage

The right logistics can give your company the agility you need to stay competitive whilst confirming to retailers very high service level requirements. We focus on offering agile solutions characterized by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals. 

We offer a dedicated transportation network to reach your retailers which will bolster your production capabilities; Retailers need to choose low cost solutions for logistics support; whereas, they need smart solutions with visibility of inventory status, expected delivery time and a variety of shipping options including free tracking options and easy reverse logistics management. We have it all either for the manufacturer or for the retailers of FMCG, you choose the customized one based on your brand and product type.

Intelligent Sales & Dealer App for Primary and Secondary Sales

Native mobile app for sales officers and dealers + Intelligent order management dashboard for supply chain/factory Manager

  • Both the dealer and sales officer can create orders
  • Credit (limit) management for the dealers
  • Smart inventory management 
  • Direct & personalized communication with the dealers
  • Fully automated and customized order-to-delivery management system 
  • Marketing automation with promotional tools such as discounts and gift cards
  • Online payment gateway integration 
  • In-built business analytics software
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Bongo Xpress is another name of “The New Logistics Revolution in Bangladesh”, brought AI and Cloud-based Logistics Solution that helps companies save logistics costs, automate manual processes, and enable end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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