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Standardize Your Supply Chain with Smart Logistics

The paints and coatings market is a very complex, diverse and often hazardous sector to serve. Experts say that because of complex supply chain management, paint and coating companies face challenges to control and minimize costs in the process. Another challenge appears furthermore due to seasonality of demand by customers. These are key aspects well understood by us. Our customized logistics solutions will avail dedicated delivery supports which will help you forecast the desired level of profitability and thus way you streamline your supply chain. 

We enable you to reach the peak in terms of profitability as you are backed by a smooth logistics platform. Our dedicated fleet partners will be assigned an on-demand basis to move you from manufacturing site to different distributors across Bangladesh. Our easy-to-use application will empower you with all the control you look upon on your logistics needs. Our well-trained pilots understand the benefits of time-effective motion for your sophisticated goods.

Our smart logistics solutions is tailor-made for your business with the following features for your needs:


Transparency in Distribution

Bongo Xpress technology make every move of your goods visible and traceable to the concern party.

Customized Logistics Assignments

The most user-friendly mobile application to avail our service you have the option to add personalized instructions for the delivery.

Safe & Secure Delivery

With our trained pilots pool, we meet the highest safety, quality, and hygiene standards during delivery.

24/7 Support

You can reach us directly by 24/7. We connect you with our logistics partner and make sure they are at your service whenever you need them.

Proof of Delivery

With our best-in-class technology, we get you a digital signature of the recipient of the goods and e-way bill to avoid taxation hassles and also barcode for easy traceability.

About Us

Expertise and Technology Make it Efficient!

Even in the twenty one century, it has been inefficient logistics- the biggest challenge for a very specialized industry like painting & coating. Since we are working relentlessly to revolutionize the logistics sector which ultimately brings efficiency in every industry as a whole, we have especially given a thought for painting & coating factory logistics and their seamless supply which is possible with Bongo Xpress. 

You will find details of our concerns for this business in the following segment and you can also reach us directly to know more about our plan for you.

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