As concerns about COVID19 continue to grow,people prefer contactless proof of delivery for e-commerce transactions. The huge shift to online orders for home delivery and pick up in stores has made this urgent for e-commerce businesses to safeguard customers and employees. 

Bongo Xpress has used its barcoding technology and e-way billing feature to create contactless proof of delivery systems.  Smart devices equipped with mobile applications of Bongo Xpress offer businesses the ability to optimize the proof of delivery process, freeing up drivers’ time, eliminating paperwork and speeding up the billing cycle. You can leverage data capture-enabled smart devices to lower delivery costs and preserve profitability at the same time. 

In our constant evolution process, we are yet again here to add value to your business’s  delivery process. E-waybills have been one of the integral parts of a delivery dispatching software as it not only supports the concept of automating barcode generation but also offers the chance to instant and customized barcodes for multiple orders. Most importantly, e-waybills will eliminate your ourthers hassles and keep records for taxation and other financial keepings of your business. 

Pre-built Templates for e-waybills:

During the generation of the delivery task with Bongo Xpress you can choose any of the pre-built templates for your choices. We can also create a customized one that best suits you.

Barcode Configuration:

Our smart technology helps to generate a barcode for all orders automatically. Pilots can cross-check whether the parcel/goods is delivered to the right barcode or not while doing pick-ups from your warehouses or stores. 

Simplified Record for Multiple Drop-offs:

Our top notch technology e-waybills and barcoding also simplify your delivery records for multiple pickups and drop-offs. All the stops for the delivery that comes in one order are often termed as related tasks under one order. You can either opt for generating a single waybill for all or can ask for multiple for each. 

Quick Ditchpatch of the Orders:

This technology helps dispatchers determine the order in which parcels should be delivered, plan itineraries and track shipments and it fastens the process which reduces the transit time and ultimately reduces cost for the delivery. 

Easy Download System:

After generating e-waybill you can easily download it as the PDF file and you can also export to your email and maybe to the customer’s email also. To be more specific you e-waybills are easily transferable to every related person or organization.

In addition to these e-waybills and barcoding technology, we have also options for the pilot to capture PoD and document missing or damaged shipments in real time using his/her mobile phone. 

Finally, this is how we have responded to COVID19 precaution management and we have explored a way to ensure the safety of our pilots and your customers who would rely on you for online shopping or anything on demand.