“In the era of instant communications and instant gratification, relationships between service providers and customers are changing. Driven by customers’ need for personalized and seamless interactions, brands are constantly adopting new communication channels, which allow them to reach customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Especially for the on-demand delivery service sector, the process requires interactions among senders, pilots and receivers/customers in multiple ways. There are already so many options such as live chat, SMS text messages, in-app chats and calling through telephone networks or VoIP we have opted for real-time communications. Recently, Bongo Xpress has brought additional extension “Video Calling Feature” to connect pilots and customers more lively and arrange help if any situation arises.  

Background of This Innovation: 

Technology has drastically changed over the years; everyday we are looking for bringing innovation and useful features to make our platform easy and logical for our customers. With years of experience in automation and digitization, we have identified the major challenges that come as real-time communication problems for on-demand logistics solutions. Now people can track the move of the pilot on real-time basis, but sometimes they need to provide special instructions to the pilot while fragile goods are on the move with him/her (pilot). Even in most cases customers feel insecure about the pilot’s movement (though we provide verified pilots for our valuable customers/clients), or maybe a little doubtful if the pilot really can deliver the goods on time. Even sometimes, pilots might be stuck in traffic en route to your pick-up location. They receive your message and want to reply back to show you the real scenario. So we began thinking, what if it were possible for people who drive to communicate with pilots with one simple click. In such situations, you could call or text the pilot to be sure if everything is alright. Since our inception about automation in logistics, we do not let you feel insecure rather we have empowered you with real-time information by video calling feature. 

How it Works: 

As a customer you will get this feature available once the pilot has been assigned for your task. Check your pilot details and see there are three options available for you to communicate with him/her and the options are Live Chat, Voice Calling and Video Calling. You can use any one of them to communicate with your pilot on real-time basis and the pilot also c

an use the same features vise versa to connect with you; but yet obviously the pilot will be available the way you want him/her to be connected. 

Benefits of Video Calling:

However, since the video calling feature  is the demand of this era for on-demand logistics service, this is going to be useful for many purposes in the whole process: pickups to door-to-door deliveries.