Proof of Delivery (E-POD) What Is It! Why Is It Important for Delivery Business!

What do you need to make a successful delivery? Is it on-time delivery notified customers or proof of delivery? Yes, they are! The proof of delivery is as important as serving the customers on time. The delivery cycle remains to be incomplete if the delivery does not have the supportive documents. Hence, it is believed […]

Multi-channel Communications: Connecting Customers and Pilot

 “In the era of instant communications and instant gratification, relationships between service providers and customers are changing. Driven by customers’ need for personalized and seamless interactions, brands are constantly adopting new communication channels, which allow them to reach customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Especially for the on-demand delivery service sector, the process […]

Multiple pickups and drop-offs for parcel delivery

Bongo Xpress’s parcel delivery solution is nicely curated for any size of e/f-commerce businesses. We understand you might get large volume orders of different kinds of products from one particular zone and maybe the products go from different warehouses; in the same way the scenario is like- multiple products from different warehouses to single destination […]

Contactless Proof of Delivery: Barcoding Technology and E-way bills.

 As concerns about COVID19 continue to grow,people prefer contactless proof of delivery for e-commerce transactions. The huge shift to online orders for home delivery and pick up in stores has made this urgent for e-commerce businesses to safeguard customers and employees.  Bongo Xpress has used its barcoding technology and e-way billing feature to create contactless […]

Building Great Technology Products

“Relentless curiosity, imagination and never settling for anything but the best is the key to building great technology products for the future.”- Syltrips family is inspired by this value. The history of innovation is quite interesting and not so easy-going likewise we are doing in the contemporary age. The writings of 300 to 500 years […]

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