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The emerging e-commerce businesses require a strong network of logistics to reach their customers. We take pride in facilitating automated logistics and creating vast business opportunities for the millions across the country. Being the fastest growing logistics company, we are offering favorable opportunities for the entrepreneurs with a tight budget and those who are looking for a highly tech-empowered platform. 

We do not believe in so-called franchise business happening around the industry; we are committed to provide you with an exciting and rewarding future that you control with our dedicated support. Though franchising is the easiest way to start one’s own business, it might cost you huge investment, unnecessary marketing expenses and ultimately bad names in the market if you are partnering with the wrong ones. We make your startup easy with business support and sophisticated technology; because we believe strong partners make us strong. We are looking for a passionate group of people who can represent Bongo Xpress in their designated areas and maintain the same quality of service that we take pride in. Here is the detailed information regarding how to get our franchise, its start up investment and other requirements.

Join our award-winning team and share our success

Bongo Xpress uses cutting-edge technology to provide smooth, easy and integrated parcel and courier service on demand basis across Bangladesh. We are highly appreciated and recognized in the logistics industry for bringing automation in this sector. Since we aim to provide e-commerce centric logistics solutions, we are standby 24/7 to reach customers at promised time with their parcels; therefore to expand our reach we are looking for regional partners. 


Our “Bongo Bonik” business model offers the franchisee the ability to grow under a common brand and share in the benefits of a larger group of business owners. Specifically, for our franchisee we will be offering the followings:

  • Licence and Legal Assistance:

We will get our Bongo Bonik franchise with the license for operating the business of Mailing Operators or Courier Service granted by the Government of Bangladesh. Besides, we will assist you with all the legal issues regarding company/business formation. 

  • Best-in-class Services:

Bongo Xpress is the fast growing aggregator who has brought automation in the logistics sector and immensely has revolutionized the parcel & delivery system for Bangladesh Market. Being part of our team, you share the same pride and best-in-class serviceability with very little efforts. 

  • Financial Benefits:

Bongo Bonik enables you to be financially sound as you get commissions from multiple sources such as commissions for deliveries, pick-ups, cash collections and target based performances. In addition to that you can establish yourself as a successful distribution trader in your area.

  • Branding & Marketing: 

As our franchisee you come under a known umbrella which will be your brand and will give you visibility in the market. Other than that, as per your region we make sure you get proper marketing and promotions to stay ahead in reach. 

  • IT Support:

As a partner, you will get access to Bongo Xpress Partner App, dedicated dashboard and also unlimited B2B dashboard for the clients. We also provide you with ordering websites and API integration for smooth business management. 

  • Training Assistance:

We help you prepare for using our solutions and building your team the strongest one compared to the competitors. In short, all franchisees are fully trained in Bongo Xpress’s operations and technology.

  • Business Consultancy:

We also provide additional support to you with information about popular demand centers around your locality; so that you can generate volume using marketing material provided by our design team as part of the partner agreement.

How To Be a Franchisee?

One can start a Bongo Bonik franchise within 15 days. When the prospects are seen and one is willing to start a franchise, on the first day there will be general discussion regarding Bongo Xpress and terms & conditions etc. Premises will be inspected by our personnel on the 2nd day. Application for Bongo Bonik franchise will be filled on 3rd and 4th day after verifying the following concerns:

Scrutiny or verification of documents will be done on 5th day and on 6th and 7th day approval will come from the regional office or head office of Bongo Xpress. On the 8th day email/telephone communication will be done by the authority and activation code will be provided. Then for four days that is 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day there will be training and certificates will be given on 13th day and on 14th day you will be welcomed and introduced to the head office and finally on 15th day you can start your Bongo Bonik franchise.

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Get in touch with us if you are looking for an opportunity to kickstart your business and we will be delighted to discuss with you about the opportunities in detail.


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You can directly reach our Business Development Executive at +880 1718 933 169 for any information you require about our logistics solutions.

It costs less than you think to set up and run a Bongo Bonik franchise. Start up cost is dependent on location, size and population. Security deposit will be the same for all of our franchisees.

Our Bongo Bonik franchise is established in 12 major cities with ambitious plans for new growth across all major markets – contact us today to find out about fantastic franchise opportunities in your region.

Innovative and constantly evolving, Bongo Xpress stays ahead of the competition with comprehensive training and support. With an initial training course at the head office, access to our online portals or in classroom wise, the network of established franchisees, and regular check-ins from our team, you’ll have everything you need throughout the lifetime of your franchise.

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