Logistics for Cement Industry

Let us give a complete budget-friendly logistics support with more visibility in the supply chain, you just improve your production capability.


On-Demand Availability

For heavy or light volume of orders, we got your back with our specialized vehicles and their pilots whenever you need them.

Special Vehicles and Labours

We have specialized Concrete Tankers for RMC and also heavy duty transportation for Powder Cement with skilled labour.

End-to-End Tracking

The best thing we have done bringing transparency in the logistics process, empowered you with real time basis visibility.

Easy Delivery Management App

Bongo Xpress- an unmatched mobile application for delivery management with the best feature for your every possible needs.

More Savings & More Margin

Not your typical delivery provider who does it with a hefty price tag and long delivery cycles. With us it’s big savings for you!

About Us

Our Insights to Continuous Innovation

Every cement production facility depends heavily in the supply chain of raw materials, fuels, and spare parts into the plants and in the logistics of product delivery to market. According to our findings, transport eats up 50% of the cost and cement transporters find it a big challenge to ensure that these costs are controlled, but not at the cost of concrete quality. . In addition, from transporting raw material, to powder cement, to RMC (Ready Mix) concrete, the requirements are varied and the stakes very high. 

With a complete understanding of the challenges you face as a cement manufacturer, Bongo Xpress offers a comprehensive transport logistics solution.

One Stop Logistics Solutions for Cement Industry

Mining operations management in a cement factory is a complex process. From ascertaining that mining activity is occurring within boundaries to ensuring effective transportation, cement mining companies need an able solution to manage these functions effectively. Our solution, apart from tracking and monitoring, ensures ‘just-in-time’ arrivals and departure of the trucks. Trip, fuel and attendance reports tighten billing processes leaving no room for uncertainty.

For retail distribution of cement, we propose a centralized system to capture this growing network, monitor activities, and generate a range of business reports for an optimized cement distribution process.

For bulk transportation of powder cement tankers, our solution offers complete real-time monitoring and reports ETA (estimated time of arrival), delays, and emergencies.

However,we understand your real logistics challenges come to address during accomplishing B2G projects.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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