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Seamless On Demand Delivery with Real-time visibility

 We are witnessing the era of exponential growth for e/f-commerce globally; whereas in Bangladeshi context many of you are yet dreaming  of a seamless  integrated transportation, distribution and supply chain management in one platform and in the digital landscape. We have encompassed e-strategy, API Integration with your e/-commerce business to provide additional proficiency along with seamless delivery support to reach more customers and their satisfaction. The same way for f-commerce business it will add complete value with delivery management app (Bongo Xpress), web destination with API integration of our delivery solutions and flexible payments for the final customers. 

Streamline your warehouse to avail products for your customers and let us do the legwork to give you a set of comprehensive solutions to enhance your business.Our sophisticated technology will also allow your customers to check parcel’s status, billing reports and flexible billing options. We understand that to provide your customers with the best online shopping experience you are requiring a more reliable and economical way of partnership and we promise you to be the best duo with you for your growth.

Scale Your Business With Us

Over the years, we are observing that the consumer buying behaviour has turned into online-centric. In urban life we look for everything online available to buy and it can be essential daily commodity products such as groceries, foods, medicine to even luxury products. Because of such buying behaviour of the consumer the retailers or any business has no other option to have a digital wing to reach more customers. Recent research shows that the majority of the orders are placed by the urban consumers and fewer orders are received from the remote and rural parts of the country presently. However, the government plans to set up 100 economic zones all over the country, which will create 10 million additional jobs by 2030. In short, every business will require a digital partner to help create digital footprints for them. 

Considering the scenario, we have created a special solutions package for your business. Bongo Xpress solely reserves the copyright for creating such a unique idea of Digital Partnership. Our target is to facilitate 2000 f-commerce (registered under e-CAB) with  order management website and application with customized logistics support. We help them form their own business by providing legal support which is also applicable for any kind of traditional businesses who lookup to get our digital solution. With our sophisticated and user-friendly technology, we are already helping bunches of local businesses to stand out in the digitizational revolution.   

“Let us create digital footprints for your business and serve you with a dedicated delivery channel, and with value added services you find us the most reliable partner along the way.”

How It Works ?

Connect the nation’s largest local same-day delivery network directly to your customer experience. Easily integrate and offer on-demand delivery in as fast as you take the order! We are not just your typical partner for logistics support, we understand, own and create value for your business in every possible way. Say our partnership is traditional yet smart with tech-based solutions. 

Bongo Xpress has brought a complete tech-enabled solution for your business. We are creating an integrated digital footprint for your business with a dedicated delivery channel by API integration. As a digital partner, we provide you with an online order management interface with website and mobile application along with API integrated delivery system which is off low cost and even free if your delivery per day crosses our mileage where conditions apply. We urge you to give your customers the best online shopping experience in a more reliable and economical way of partnership with us. Streamline your warehouse to avail products for your customers and let us do the legwork to give you a set of comprehensive solutions to enhance your business.

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We are present right where you need us. Reach us anyway! Our support team will be happy to know more about your queries for our Digital Partnership solutions.


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You can directly reach our Business Development Executive at +880 1718 933 169 for any information you require about our Digital Partnership solutions.

You can reach us by calling us directly or fill up the form at the “Join With Us” page, our representative will reach you shortly to know about your business and after completing the formal agreement procedure we are on board to serve you instantaneously. Most importantly, we do not take any acquisition fee for the solution and we provide a website and application for your ordering management for free; you just pay per use for delivery services.

We provide both online and offline marketing support to reach your customers. As part of our online marketing we create contents for your social media accounts and for offline promotions we create brochures, flyers etc for your special needs. 

Bongo Xpress shall not be liable for any conduct of the pilots. However, we encourage you to notify it of any complaints that you may have against the pilot that you may have hired using our platform.

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